Wednesday, October 10, 2012

AWANA Crazy Hair Night

One of the favorite nights of Awana is Crazy Hair Night.  This was the first time that Micah participated, and honestly it isn't easy to come up with a crazy hair style for a little boy with short hair.  So, we put green color in his hair and called it good.  Here he is with his "crazy" hair.

Maddie however, is the perfect participant for crazy hair night.  She has lots of long, thick hair that can be made into almost any crazy style I can come up with.  Last year we did her hair in a bird's nest and it turned out so very cute.

This year we just went for the more traditional "crazy" look and here is what we came up with.

I think we did okay, because some of the girls in the 4th grade class that I teach told me that they loved Maddie's hair and wanted to know if I could do theirs like that :)

Very fun night for the kids and it was fun to see all the crazy hair do's!

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